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Getting help


Getting help

Our mission

NVR's mission is to help parents and other caregivers transition from helplessness to agency in coping with children’s crises and chronic conditions. We help parents regain their strengths, redefine their boundaries, rediscover their relevance within the family system, and reconnect to each other as well as to their wider social support networks.

Based on our experience, such transitions are necessary for parents to effectively help their children. Many times, we also find that children to parents who feel helpless, unbounded, irrelevant and isolated, cannot get better.

The NVR Process

NVR counselling process strives to be brief, pragmatic, and forward looking. The process invariably begins with the parents. If a child is willing to cooperate, we decide, together with the parents whether to include them in family therapy sessions or refer them to individual therapy. In any case, we strive to forge a team relationship between all professionals involved in the same case.

Typcal session frequency is once per week, unless an acute crisis requires more meetings for a certain period. Clients can phone, email and text us between sessions. We don’t manage their crises for them, but we’re occasionally there to support their learning in real time.

Sessions length can vary between 50 to 90 minutes, depending on the phase we’re in, on the number of participants, and on case complexity.

As parents improve their ability to manage situations on their own, intervals between meetings lengthen untill the process ends. Many families form a long term relationship with us, with multiple rounds of consultation over the years.

Cooperation and support in times of crisis are of supreme value for us. We are therefroe happy to meet with any family members, relatives, acquaintances, or friends who are willing and able to help.


NVR interventions are common in European countries and are now expanding into the USA and Canada. NVR trained, or NVR-informed mental health practitioners are now available in the following US or Canadian jurisdictions:

In the USA:

Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Arizona, Florida,  Massachusets, California, Vermont, New York. 

In Canada:

Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon

In case an NVR-trained, or an NVR-informed mental health practitioners is not available on our side, we are open to work in collaboration with licensed therapists who are interested in obtaining hand-on NVR experience.

We currently refer families to NVR-informed practitioners as a completely free public service. Terms, fees and services may vary between practitioners and subject to each therapist's licencing body requirements. To learn more about options for NVR therapy or practice in your area, please contact us using this form.

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